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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is being done on the M-59 Improvement Project?
Q: How much will the project cost?
Q: When will this project be completed?
Q: How will traffic be affected?
Q: What are you doing to ensure the pavement will last?
Q: What are the long term benefits of this project?
Q: How are safety issues addressed in construction zones?
Q: When I drive through some construction areas, I see speed limit signs and orange barrels, but no workers. If there is no work going on at the site, why are posted speed limits so low and why are all the barrels still out there?
Q: Where can I get current road condition information for Michigan roads?
Q: How do you get restitution for property damage caused by road building crews?
Q: I was stuck in a construction backup for over an hour. Isn't there a better way to do highway work that minimizes such delays?

Political Signs

Q: What are the rules regarding the placement of political signs along Michigan roads?


Q: What causes potholes?
Q: How do I file a claim for damages to my vehicle caused by a pothole?


Q: I have seen big symbols (X, +, V, T) painted along state trunklines. What are these symbols, and what are they used for?
Q: I have heard that Michigan truck weight laws are the most liberal in the nation. Is this true?
Q: Who is responsible for plowing snow on state highways?
Q: How long does it take to build a new road?
Q: Why doesn’t Michigan have toll roads?
Q: Why is it that some roads which have been resurfaced last only a year or two before they start to break up again? Isn't this a waste of taxpayer dollars?
Q: Why do the speed limits vary on different parts of the freeway system?
Q: What’s the difference between highways that carry the letters “US,” “I” and “M”?
Q: How many miles of road does Michigan have?
Q: What are the benefits of this change in guidelines for work zone speed limits?

Construction Completed

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